Saturday, September 12, 2009

New David Grahame Out

David Grahame has a new untitled album out, and Bruce at Not Lame has the limited 75-copy run. Aside from the limited quantities, there's a catch: It's priced at $11.50 per track. And there are only two tracks.

Sounds enticing, right? Actually the two tracks are two long song medleys that total 55 minutes, so it is the length of a full album. Apparently, Grahame is taking a page out of Lannie Flowers' (and Paul Westerberg's) book. This kind of thing isn't my cup of tea as I'm an iPod guy, and I'm not into 20+ minute tracks (I'm a huge Westerberg fan for example, and I have his 44:00 mp3, but I've never listened to the whole thing through once). But if you're a Grahame fan with $23 to burn and a long attention span, act now while Bruce still has them in stock.

Not Lame | mp3 of samples